Are you thinking about joining the Military Brotherhood MMC but don't know where to start or how to go about it? Well it is a fairly simple process. Firstly contact the secretary using the Enquiries contact page. The Club Secretary will email you the documentation that you need to fill out and return for consideration. You will need to attend a few club rides to make sure this club is what you are looking for and also to make sure you fit in with the club and the rules and regulations. 

Service members will need proof of service and must hold a motorcycle license and own a motorcycle with a minimum engine capacity of 650cc. If you have military service but do not own a motorcycle you can still be a member but will be a Sierra Squad member until such times as you own a motorcycle. If you do not have military service but are a supporter of the commonwealth military forces, or are family of a service member then you can also be a Sierra Squad member.

Once you have gained acceptance to the club you will be required to gain an National Police Clearance (NPC). The form can be downloaded from the link below, once filled in return to the Secretary via mail or in person.  There is no cost to the member to attain an NPC.  

National Police Clearance  

Once accepted as a service member, you will be a nominee for 6 months. During that period, you will remain a member of the Sierra Squad.

Sierra Squad members undergo a 3 month probationary period

Full details on membership will be provided after you contact the Secretary.


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