In December 2019 the Adelaide Hills were ablaze  with approximately 25000 hectare of land burnt, 4000 head of livestock lost, 151 homes and  1 person lost their life. The severity of the fire, and speed that it travelled was unprecedented with it covering a 125 km perimeter within hours. 

The Harrogate Fire Zone

The Adelaide Sub Branch of the Military Brotherhood MMC has members living in the hills area as well as friends and family and this event brought us all together to help and assist each other and the hills communities. When it was safe to do so the MBMMC started their assistance.

Vice president Matt 'Keato' Keating has sourced some ex vineyard posts that were still suitable for fence posts, and organised several convoys of vehicles and trailers to deliver the much needed posts to properties in the Harrogate area. This area was severely damaged by the fires  with fenced and livestock being destroyed. The posts assisted the property owners to start fencing to keep remaining livestock contained.

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Post Delivery Convoy

We also heard of Team Rubicon Australia who are a group of ex service volunteers that assist in disaster recovery. This dedicated group of volunteers assisted in tree felling, sifting properties for valuables and generally helping in recovery tasks. As a way of assisting them the MBMMC provided a BBQ meal for them after a day in the field. This was made possible with the generous support of Holco meats who provided the meat at a greatly reduced price, and Sunfresh Salads who donated several salads for the team.

BBC for Team Rubicon

Assistance didn't stop there. Properties in the Harrogate area still needed help clearing fallen trees, and clearing house areas of debris from the fires. A dedicated group of members made several trips to cut and clear fallen trees and clear the debris. This is an ongoing support  and will continue for as long as it takes.

Clearing Trees


Kangaroo Island also suffered terribly from fire, and logistically it was unacheiveable for the club to have a concentrated effort to assist. However, the Plympton Veterans Centre, and our Advocates Graham 'Ruddy' Rudd and Craig 'Shoey' Schuberg provided an outreach to veterans on KI and provided much needed support via DVA.

Our club motto is 'The task is ours'  and our members have shown true dedication to the task at hand


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